Where can I find a main photo for my event listing?

On the Dabble home page, your event listing gets a little square to sell itself. The pictures you use are crucial to getting someone to click on it.

How to Find a Great Photo

This main photo is what grabs the attention of your students - so it's gotta be good!

Here are some tips to keep in mind**

  • Avoid all logos / text-based images. Dabble prohibits these as they're not good for attracting students.
  • Make sure the image has adequate resolution so it's not blurry. Anything close to 460px by 300px should work just fine.

Here are some places to find a stellar photo for your event:

1. Use a Photo You Own - Do you have a professional photo that accurately illustrates your event topic? It's best to start with what you've got! Be sure it is a horizontal photo to look best on the event tile and the event listing page itself. We use your photos for marketing and promotion so be sure to use all six photo spots.

2. Use a Creative Commons Photo - Search online for images that are okay to use and don't infringe on any copyrights. We suggest finding images using Compfight. Make sure to give proper attribution!

3. Purchase a Stock Photo - Quality stock photos can be purchased for $1 and are sometimes the best source of quality images. Check out DepositPhotos or iStockPhoto to purchase a photo that's okay for commercial use.

3. Find a free image - Quality stock photos can be found at no price, you just need to dig. Check out Death to Stock Photo or Unsplash.