Can I Request or List a Private Event?


Please Note: All private event requests that originate on Dabble MUST be ticketed on Dabble per our terms. This helps protect those looking for an experience with our money-back guarantee and it helps our experience partners build up their stats and reviews. Thank you for your support of the Dabble platform and community!

Q: What kind of groups are ideal for Private Experiences?

A: In our humble opinion, any type of group works well! Some popular private groups include corporate team-building, bachelor(ette) parties, special interest groups (ie. book club), holiday parties and baby and bridal showers.

Q: What can I expect from Dabble for Private Experiences?

A: We're so glad you asked! First, we recommend brainstorming a basic plan for your group, including the interests of the group, possible experience topics, and approximate size and date of the event. Then, submit the [Private Event Form.] by selecting "Book Private Event" from the Discover menu on the site. The Dabble team will then contact you to work on making the event happen. Voila! Enjoy the experience!

Q: What event topics are available for Private Experiences?

A: View current event listings on the Dabble homepage for your city and other popular experience ideas here. Don't see one that strikes your fancy? Make a suggestion. We'll do our best to accommodate the type of experience you're looking to create for your private group.

Q: How do I request a Private Event?

A: Simply complete our Private Event Form. Find the form here or click on "Private Event" from any teacher profile listed on the website.

Q: How far in advance should I request a Private Event?

A: We accept all requests for private events and will try to accommodate your group's needs and timing. For ample planning time, the optimal request time is 3-4 weeks prior to your event.

Q: Where will the event be held?

A: You may suggest using a venue you have access to, provided it's suitable for the experience requested. If you do not have a venue available, we will work to find an appropriate venue.

Q: What days & times are Private Events available?

A: The only restrictions are simply when your preferred teacher or topic is available. Simply request your ideal time & date on the Private Event Form, and we’ll work to make it happen.

Q: How much does a Private Event cost?

A: We try to provide the ideal private class within your budget. (You’ll be asked to provide your budget and head count in the Private Class Form). Keep in mind that price is determined by several factors: materials cost, size of group, experience level of teacher, availability, etc. Private events generally start at $40/person and we try to keep the minimum event to $500+. Please note: Dabble promotions, credits and discounts are not eligible for private event purchase unless explicitly stated.

Q: What are the credentials of the teacher for my Private Event?

A: Anyone can host a private event but we do reach out to Featured and Top-Rated partners first. Featured teachers are those that give the recommended fee split and top-rated teachers are those who have previously taught with Dabble and have received 10+ positive reviews.

Q: Where can I find more information if my question wasn't answered here?

A: Check out the Private Event Info Page here. Or if you're still stumped, you can reach out to us at

Q: What if I am a teacher/host and I want to list a private event?

A: On the Details section of your listing, simply check "Private Listing" and your event will only be visible to and those who you share the link with for registration.