How does my event get featured on the Dabble homepage?

What does being "featured" on Dabble mean?
Experiences listed on this page have either paid the recommend fee split for a completed listing or have been featured by the Dabble team due to popular demand or because the teacher is top-rated. Dabble's fee structure to calculate automatically being featured requires an average fee of 30% (at this time and may change over time and from city to city) which is only valid on events that have a completed schedule.

Offering the recommended fee on your Dabble listing without having a completed event does not calculate towards being featured but is taken into account in Dabble's promotion of your event. Regardless, the benefits of being featured are not awarded before a class completes and is built as an average fee structure (not per date) so offering a higher fee on one event will NOT automatically feature your listing.

To illustrate, if we auto-feature just a one-off class for any teacher that has historically offered only the minimum it gives exposure to all their courses through their class and teacher pages. In order to avoid teachers gaming the system to get exposure, we have set that the average fee has to be 30% to be "auto-featured" on the site. With thousands of events, Dabble is NOT notified when a partner sets the recommended fee split on a new class but we definitely notice it when it completes.

As it is, we have decided to make it completely free to list on Dabble which sets everyone on an even playing field until tickets start to sell due to efforts from both the listing partner and Dabble. If Dabble brings in the customer, we feel we've earned our agreed-upon commission just as if a teacher using their referral code to promote brings in the customer then we are happy to take a lower fee. Referrals are not calculated when establishing your average fee.

For the current Dabble Admin Fee, we pay a little over 3% in credit card fees and the remaining funds are used to cover our overhead, technology and staff to manage communication and notifications before the event, customer support to assist active and interested students, to solicit reviews from students and to process payment to you in a timely manner after the event.

Who is eligible to be featured?
Dabble's software looks to see if a partner has offered a 30% fee split to Dabble.

Naturally, we want everyone to succeed and at times we do pick winners to push with or without a higher fee is good for business when classes sell and for growing a vibrant marketplace. However, if Dabble was obligated to feature every class that offered the recommended amount, push in social media and newsletters without collecting a dime upfront we believe the curated quality of our marketplace would be impacted as we would be responding to the highest bidder and not promoting the classes that our community actually wants to attend and are willing to pay for with real dollars that we can then use to actively promote.

Am I automatically featured if I'm a top-rated teacher?
Dabble automatically features top-rated teachers who also give the recommend fee split to support the Dabble community. However, we may, at our discretion, choose to feature teachers who are not top-rated if they or their class topic is in high demand.