What happens if not enough people sign up to meet my indicated minimum threshold?

As a teacher, you get to set the minimum and maximum number of students desired for your class. If you are already planning to teach your class whether or not Dabble helps send you students, we recommend you set your class size minimum to zero when setting up your schedule.

If your class fails to meet the minimum capacity you indicated, we will first send you an email seven days before your class to let you know that it's time to do a last minute "push" for sign-ups.

If your class still doesn't get enough sign-ups, we'll notify you within 48 hours in advance of the class date to give you the option to either teach with fewer students or cancel your class. If you do decide to teach, you’ll need to log in and lower the minimum so that the class doesn’t automatically cancel without reaching the minimum. If you don't take any action the event will cancel 25 hours in advance of the start of the class.

If you are new to Dabble, we strongly recommend teaching even with just a few students (you might lose money but consider it early marketing spent well and you'll get great reviews!) to help support your listing in the future.