Can I request a modification or deletion of a review for my event?

We understand that at times, teachers feel they've been unfairly reviewed. In order to uphold the integrity of the review process, we do not accommodate requests to delete or modify reviews. However, if you feel something is untrue or inaccurate, we encourage you to respond to the reviewer and offer your perspective as the person who left the review does have the ability to edit or remove their review.

Dabble is a community of lifelong learners and sometimes things don't go quite as planned. We expect everyone to play nice, communicate peacefully, and give the benefit of the doubt that everyone is trying their best. When things really don't go well, Dabble offers a money-back guarantee for any experience that a customer feels did not meet their expectation. Such refunds are processed pending our review of any submitted review or phone/email communication and a response from the event host. After such a review, Dabble reserves the right to offer a full or partial refund or deny a customer's refund at our sole discretion regardless of whether or not the customer has left a negative or neutral review through the Dabble platform.

At times, Dabble may opt to pay the Dabble event host and still offer a refund to the customer. In the event a Dabble partner is open to a no-cost rebooking coordinated outside of the Dabble platform OR an experience is refunded by Dabble regardless of payment to the event host AND the customer has left a negative or neutral review, Dabble reserves the right to remove any review associated with a refunded booking within 7 days in consideration for the rebooking and/or refund.