What happens after I submit my venue?

Thanks so much for submitting your venue!

If you've indicated that your venue is "public", you'll now be able to see classes that are a good fit for your venue on your Dashboard. We show matches for your venue based on amenities, capacity, location & availability. With one-click you can see class details & offer your space to a teacher in need.

If you've indicated that your venue is "private", only teachers that you inform about your venue will be aware that it's an option for their class. Dabble will not match you or contact you about hosting classes. To have teachers you know start using you as a venue, have them send us a note at hello@dabble.co the first time they teach at your venue, and we'll set them up. After that, they can just confirm times with you and schedule away.

You can change the status of your venue from "public" to "private" anytime by visiting your Dashboard and editing your venue settings.

Click here to download a guide to updating your venue to reap benefits of venue matching.