Gift Certificate FAQ

How do I redeem gift certificates? When registering for class, log in to your account and select "use gift certificate" and follow instructions to convert your gift certificates into Dabble Bucks usable on your purchase. Note: You must have or register for a Dabble account to redeem a gift certificate.

What if I want to purchase more than one gift certificate at a time? Gift Certificates must be purchased one at a time - we apologize for the inconvenience! If you have a bulk gift certificate order (5+), please contact us at for help with your order.

What if I don't use my whole gift certificate? If you don't use your whole gift certificate in one purchase, the remaining balance will stay in your account for you to use on the next class you sign up for.

What if my gift certificate is lost or stolen? That wouldn't be fun! If you believe that your certificate has been lost or stolen email us at with details and proof of purchase. If lost or stolen certificate hasn't yet been used, you may request a replacement certificate of the balance.

Can Gift Certificates be transferred to anyone? Gift Certificates are transferable between users until they have been redeemed / transferred into Dabble Bucks. For security and verification purposes, you may be required to verify your identity.

Can I use multiple gift certificates on one purchase? Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase if they are in the same currency and are both transferred into Dabble bucks.

When do gift certificates expire? Gift certificates do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.

Are there any other terms & conditions? The use of our gift certificates are subject to the following terms and conditions >