How will I get paid?

Event hosts on Dabble are paid via Venmo within 1-3 business days after their event is completed, provided that the event runs on schedule (i.e., the teacher shows up, and the event is not canceled).

We allow some time after the event to allow users to provide feedback. We offer a money-back guarantee to customers and if you get a negative review we may (after review and request for an explanation) opt to still pay you for the registration that gets a negative review or we may not pay for the spot, if we feel the situation merits a refund. (see How does the event review process work? FAQ for more information).

We'll notify you via email when your payment is completed. All payments are processed with Venmo, so you will need a Venmo account to receive your money. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for a Venmo account here in just a few minutes.

Please note: In the event you are absolutely unable to set up a Venmo account for your events please contact Dabble support to explore other temporary options including check or PayPal. We will be adding ACH/Direct Deposit options via Stripe and Braintree.

View our Teacher Payment Guide for step-by-step details for creating a Venmo account and getting paid after your event.