Can I co-list my event on other platforms?

On Dabble you can set your min/max and close registration at anytime as you can get notified each time someone registers. The issue with linking to Eventbrite or other similar platforms is that it is a confusing user experience for Dabblers...and we don't make a dime.

We understand there are a lot of other options when ticketing events and we're so grateful you choose to work with Dabble. Our only firm rule is you can list wherever you'd like but you can't price your tickets for less than you do on Dabble. Not only does it put us at a disadvantage but if guests get to talking about how they heard about the event or what they paid it just doesn't go over well.

As a local, small business we can't quite compete with Eventbrite's bank account but we kick their butt in local SEO (in Chicago, Denver and St. Louis), customer support and engaged users. As we grow, you'll be able to say you were part of that growth. Do you really want to be one of millions of events on Eventbrite??? Does your DIY, craft, cooking or mixology event really get much of a boost being listed next to "Networking at the Hilton" on their site and in their emails? Your call...

We recommend listing on Dabble for the exposure and to be part of growing a community of lifelong learners. We're not just here to ticket your event. If that is all you need, you have your answer...that's just not us.

Our experience has been that partners tend to promote the platform that costs them less (makes sense) but this ignores the dedicated marketing, customer support and the fact that Dabble is a small and local business. We find Dabble partners succeed the most when everyone is pushing users in the same direction. If you want to list on multiple platforms and manage multiple sites for the RSVPs knock yourself out but we promise that we'll make life easy and we'll send you traffic if we all work to promote the same registration links.