How do recurring schedules work?

We love seeing teachers and event hosts log into Dabble on a regular basis but for those of you who teach daily, weekly or just the same day each month...we decided to make life a little easier for you!


When creating a new date for an existing listing just under where the date and time of the event is set there is an option to create recurring schedules for any approved event. At this time, in order to avoid confusion and excess schedules created for non-approved events, the recurring schedule feature is deactivated until an event has been approved by the Dabble team. Once approved a new teacher can create daily, weekly or monthly schedules that repeat daily, weekly or monthly with any number of days, weeks or months in between.

Additionally, you have the option to chose when (or if) your recurring schedule rule ends after a set number of occurrences, at a specific date or if it never ends. It is REQUIRED that you click "OK" to save the settings before continuing with the schedule creation.

Please note that Dabble will only create a set number of recurring schedules live on the site to not crowd the site with duplicate listings. However, if more recurring schedules are requested by the settings then the site will automatically create new schedules based on the following minimum and maximum limits:

  • Daily Recurring: 8 schedules created with 4 more created when the # of live schedules reaches 4.
  • Weekly Recurring: 6 schedules created with 2 more created when the # of live schedules reaches 4.
  • Monthly Recurring: 4 schedules created with 3 more created when the # of live schedules reaches 1.

All options and features of regular, non-recurring schedules are available to recurring schedules including the ability to be a private (not publicly listed) event and all settings related to registration closing, min/max, pricing and fee split remain the same. With ANY Dabble event, once a single ticket is sold for any type of schedule all features lock except the ability to modify your min/max and registration closing period.

After setting up the recurring schedule with all desired options, be sure to hit "Save & Continue" to initiate creation of your new recurring schedules. At this time, you'll be shown a message confirming the total number of schedules created and then you'll be asked to confirm the venue for the event - do NOT skip this step or you'll have a lot of new schedules to fix later.


Once created, recurring schedules will either expire according to the settings or be automatically added by the software endlessly or until the established date.

To open or close registration to individual recurring schedules simply select the desired schedule manage and close or open as you would any schedule.

You can manage your roster, promote your class or edit individual recurring schedule using the menu options on your event tile.


From your partner dashboard you can cancel individual or ALL schedules tied to a recurring schedule group as you would a regular schedule. However, if you'd like to cancel more than one but not ALL schedules - you'll need to select "Manage Recurrings" with any recurring schedule you'd like to cancel selected from the drop-down to get to the option to select multiple schedules to cancel.