Do you pay for use of venues?

As a general rule, we encourage our partners to find venues seeking increased foot traffic and exposure through the Dabble events to increase their profit but event hosts are responsible for individually securing and negotiating the venue booking fee with the venue owners.

Due to the cost and size of the average Dabble experience ($40 per person and 8-10 guests), most event hosts are willing to pay $50-75 per hour for venue rental but most do try to partner with venues where hosting events is mutually beneficial. Dabble event hosts choose where they'd like to hold their events and rental costs are a key determining factor in venue selection.

However, hosts are welcome to charge a fee for providing use of their space for events. You can indicate the price of your individual "rooms" through the venue submission process. This fee will be visible to teachers if they are presented with your venue as an option for their events. However, the final fee amounts and payment arrangements will be made directly between the venue manager and the event host. Please note that Dabble is not responsible to arrange nor guarantees payment of venue.