What is the fee to list an event on Dabble?

It's completely free to list your event on Dabble. For all events listed and sold on Dabble, teachers price the event themselves and elect what portion of each ticket sold goes to Dabble with a minimum platform fee set in advance based on the city or time on the platform ranging from 5% to 15%. We recommend posting 2-3 dates when you first get started, to evaluate interest and popularity by day of the week and to give Dabblers more options.

In addition to the platform fee, we recommend allocating at least a 15% to increase your exposure on the site. Any allocated marketing helps support the site's growth and exposure and will help get you the most exposure but the fee is completely up to you. No judgment but don't expect miracles for your event listing experience if you only offer the minimum. You scratch our back...we scratch yours!

The most popular events on Dabble range between $25 and $40 and run 1-2 hours in length. Free events are welcome on the site and are always free to list!

IMPORTANT: Allocating a fee above the platform fee for a newly-listed event is appreciated. However, until an event completes at least one date with funds collected there is no money to allocate toward marketing.

Partners in active Dabble markets benefit the most from our platform's very strong organic SEO. Curious Dabblers searching on the web for local classes and experiences find Dabble and the site gives credibility and exposure to our large community in several established cities of Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Events can be posted in over 150 cities and our minimum platform is reduced or completely eliminated in developing markets to assist in attracting new partners. If you don't see your city, just reach out and we'll add anytime.