How do Teacher Referrals work?

What are Dabble teacher referrals?

You will receive a unique URL for your class once your class is approved and live on the site. You can choose to promote your class through this URL (i.e., on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or via email).

Sometimes all it takes is a few emails, tweets or posts on Facebook to make a big difference in terms of class sign-ups!

Where do I find my unique class referral link?

You can find your class’ unique URL by visiting "Manage Event" on your Dashboard (this URL will only appear once your class is approved and live on the site). You will also receive your unique class URL via email when your class goes live. If you have any troubles finding your unique class URL, send us an email at

A few notes:

  • You may see different URLs for different dates of your course. This is a technicality, but any URL we give you for a specific course will work for any date of that course.

  • Referral URLs are case-sensitive. Be sure to copy carefully (or just copy/paste with your mouse or keyboard). Any alteration will result in an incorrect URL (it won't go to your course and it won't count as a referral).

Where should I share my link?

You can post your link to social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) or simply send it to your network via email. Make sure to copy/paste your entire link, otherwise you won't receive credit!

Can I see how many people signed up using my referral link?

Visit your teacher Dashboard at and select the class in question. You will see the number of students referred by you within your class roster.

Note: Dabble reserves the right to modify or terminate the teacher referral program at any time. Referrals are not applicable for classes that are cancelled for any reason.