How will I report my Dabble income?

Beginning in 2012. the IRS requires that Dabble EXCLUDE payments from 1099-MISC reporting that are processed by credit card or third party processor (e.g. Venmo).

As such, since most Dabble teachers are paid via Venmo or PayPal, Dabble will not be issuing 1099-MISC forms to teachers. Unfortunately, this is not optional.

You can track your income through the Stats tab on your Partner Dashboard but if you need any support with determining your total payments from Dabble or your marketing and platform fees (which can be deductible in most cases) feel free to reach out to

Please note, that if your Dabble payments total more than $25,000 in a year, the processor (i.e. Venmo) will send a 1099-K. However, if you are paid less than $25,000 via Venmo/PayPal you will NOT receive a 1099. This is not optional.