How do I transfer registrations to a different date?

In the event that a registered guest requests to change dates more or less than 7 days from the event, we've built tools to support you in updating the booking directly from your dashboard.

For events more than 7 days away, the registered guest has the ability to self-transfer as long as there is a future date that is the same price with the same fee split. For users that booked as guests, they may not be aware and many users might not know of the feature.

Please Note: If a group only wants to transfer some but not all guests - you will need Dabble's support.


If you'd like to transfer a registered guest(s) select the schedule they are currently in and then select the “Transfer Students” link on the right. Then select the date that you want to move them to in the dropdown and select the students to be transferred and then click the "Transfer" button.

Please Note: The price and the fee split need to be the same in order to allow them to be transferred.