What are the basics I need to know to teach a Class?

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for how to teach a class with Dabble:

Payment. As a teacher, the more you teach, the more profit you are eligible for.

Dabble handles all customer service, marketing, sign-ups, and payment processing. We pay you within three business days of the class via Venmo. (You’ll need to set up a Venmo account if you don’t already have one, but don’t worry! It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it through your submission with us.)

Class Times. Classes typically do the best when held on weekday evenings and weekend days. If you're interested in teaching at other times, feel free to experiment.

Class Lengths. As a teacher, you are able to set the length of the class. As a general rule of thumb, most classes last 1.5-3 hours.

Lead Time. We recommend scheduling a class at least 4 to 5 weeks in advance. It generally takes us one to two business days to process a submission, and to maximize your ability to sell out a class, we recommend that it be live on the site for at least three weeks. Feel free to schedule multiple dates for your class. Some teachers give us six months of dates at a time.

Venues. Classes are primarily held at public venues such as coffee shops, restaurants and office spaces. For guidelines on finding the right venue for your class - if you don't already have one - please check out how to find a venue.

Class Size. As a teacher, you are able to set the minimum and maximum students you'd like to accommodate. Consider the ideal experience you're looking to provide to determine this. Is a hands-on, intimate setting your goal? Then set the maximum lower. Is it a lecture-style class where you seek to maximize your income potential, and you have experience handling larger groups? Try for a larger maximum number of students.