I don’t have access to a venue - where can I teach my class?

Don't worry! You don't need a venue to submit a class. When you submit your class you can indicate what amenities (Wifi, projector, etc.) you're looking for in a host, and we'll do our best to match you to a venue in our database.

There are no guarantees that Dabble will find a venue, so we suggest you do a bit of outreach as well.

You can teach your class in lots of places – bars, restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, shared spaces, parks and offices of all shapes and sizes. Start with places you frequent (i.e., are you a regular at the pub around the corner?) that might be interested in getting more people in the door (i.e., does your favorite restaurant have super slow Tuesday nights?).

Here's an outreach template to get you started:

Subject: Host a Dabble Class - Month Day @ Time?

Hi [NAME],

I'm planning on teaching an awesome [TOPIC] class or two > [LINK TO CLASS DRAFT] . I think it could be a cool thing for [VENUE NAME].

Wondering if [VENUE NAME] is up for hosting this class on [DATE / TIME] in the [ROOM]? I am happy to jump on the phone to discuss (see more info about hosting classes here).

Let me know your thoughts! With your approval I will push class "live".



For more information, visit our Finding A Venue article.