How much should I charge for my class?

The price really depends on the class topic, teacher credentials, class format, and individual market demand for that topic. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest charging $20-$40 for classes. Here are some questions that will help you price your class:

  • What are class prices like in your area? You can search for comparable class listings in your city on the web or at

  • What is the demand for this class topic? If there is a large group of passionate people that are interested in this topic in your area, you can most likely charge more. If your class topic only has a small following, it may be more difficult to sell tickets at a higher price.

  • What is your class format? For small, hands-on classes that require more personalized attention or expensive materials, students can often justify spending more money on a class. However, for large lecture-style classes we suggest starting with a lower price.

If you are a new teacher, we suggest charging a little lower than the average rate to attract students who are comparing your class to those with existing reviews. With that in mind, we suggest pricing your first class at about 25% less than your ideal price. Once you've got a review or two, you can start incrementally increasing the price of your class.

Some teachers may be selling their classes through other channels. The price that you list your class through Dabble cannot exceed the price of your class sold anywhere else. If we find your class sold somewhere else at a cheaper price, we will remove your class from Dabble.

Note: You can change the price of your class before anyone has signed up. Once the first person has signed up, the price of the class is locked in. If you choose to hold your class again, feel free to edit the pricing at that point.