How do I promote my class?

It’s our job to get your class in front of as many eyeballs as possible (that’s why we’ll tweet about your class and even feature you on our blog), but here’s a few tips in order to further maximize the exposure for your class:

Click this link for our Top Tips for Teachers: Dabble_Teacher_Marketing_Tips.pdf

Share on Social Media This is the fastest and easiest way to get the word out to your network. Tweet about your class, share your class on your Facebook (either through your wall or create an event w/ a link), post on your blog and invite your friends to spread the word.

Send an Email Let friends, colleagues and relevant organizations know about your class with a short & sweet email – especially send to those whom you know are interested in the subjects that you are teaching.

Chat about it Let your friends, colleagues and network know what you’re up to next time you chat. You’ll be surprised at how effective word of mouth marketing can be and how much the world will conspire to help you sell out your class!

Get Creative You can post a flyer at your favorite coffee shop or leave behind class information at a relevant local business – most people are happy to help you spread the word.