Why Can't I Currently Use Dabble Bucks?

Due to the unprecedented financial impact that COVID-19 has had on Dabble's operations and those of so many of our event partners, we are temporarily pausing the automatic use of Dabble Bucks until we are able to reestablish adequate funds in our accounts.

Feel free to reach out with any request and we'll do our best to support you. In the meantime, we ask for your support in navigating these challenging times.

After 10 years of supporting the discovery and sharing of local classes, we need your support as we work to keep Dabble solvent.

Feel free to reach out and we'll support any gift certificate or credits that you have and do our best to support you as we work without any paid staff to build Dabble's account enough to absorb the use of credits from balances prior to COVID. We expect this policy to be updated and removed by Fall 2021.

The Dabble Team