Can I teach a Class Series?

It’s true! Class series are possible through Dabble.

Our recommendation is that if you’ve never taught before, you first teach a one-time class to get your feet wet. Get comfortable, warm up to standing in front of a room of students, and use your students as good research subjects to learn how you might structure a class series.

What is a class series?
Dabble launched with simply offering one-time classes. We understand that both teachers and students often want to dive in deeper, so we’ve made it possible for teachers to list class series - that is, classes that run for more than one date. Students who sign up for a class series commit to all the classes in the series.

I’m interested in teaching a series of classes. How do I go about doing this?
There are a few guidelines that all teachers should be aware of to ensure that all runs smoothly.

1) Include Class Dates Break-Down. When you submit a class, please (a) check the “series” box, and (b) make sure that you include the individual dates in the “class description” portion of your submission. Here’s how it should read:

Class #1: Date / Time
Class #2: Date / Time
… and so on...

By checking that your class is a series, we’ll automatically add some info to your class page to make it clear to students that they are signing up for the whole enchilada.

2) Provide an Interesting & Thorough Description. Make sure to clearly articulate what will be covered in the classes. You don’t need to describe each class in detail, but because Dabblers will be committing more time and money to a class series, it’s important to let them know exactly what they’ll get after the series is over. One way you may do this is to give each class breakdown (as explained in #1 above) a title to show what will be covered.

3) Price Class in Total. When you list the price of your class in your submission, make sure to list the amount of the entire series… not individual classes.

How does the process for a teacher differ from teaching a one-time Dabble class?
There are a few ways that class series operates that differ from one-time classes:

Class Listing. There will be a blue tag indicated “Series” on the top left of the class photo on our home page and at your class page URL. Once the first class date in the series has passed, your class will no longer be visible on the Dabble home page.

Student Reminders. Dabble will send a reminder to all enrolled students prior to the first class date - as we do with all classes. However, no reminders will be sent from Dabble after the first class date. Thus, it’s up to you how you stay in touch with and engage your students. We recommend over-communicating, particularly if your class dates are more spread out!

Payment. We will issue you payment in full (i.e., for the entire class series) within 1-3 business days of the first date of the series.

How do refunds work for series?
We describe how refunds work in this FAQ section.

What happens if I don’t teach all my classes?
We understand unforeseen circumstances come up that make it necessary to reschedule a class date. If this is the case, it is your, the teacher’s, responsibility to notify your students and make up the class date. If rescheduling is necessary, the teacher must ensure that all students are able to attend new class dates. We recommend avoiding this if possible, as it can lead to a less than optimal student experience. If Dabble understands that not all class dates were taught as promised, Dabble will charge the teacher the pro-rated portion of the class - due within 15 days - and refund students accordingly.